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We can produce insect screen(window screening) and fiberglass mesh.

Excess Rubber Fabric

Function: Itís mainly used for the prevention of rotting in the pipeline as well as the preservation of certain temperature.


Excess Rubber Fabric1

Antisepsis: First remove the rot from the pipeline and then wrap the pipeline with our products. Two and three layers will be enough.

Preservation of temperature: Wrap the processed pipeline with insulating cloth or pipe and then wrap the insulating layer with prompt width and right density fiber cloth, in the end, paint certain kind of coating or use the asphalt cloth.

Feature: Excess Rubber Fabric2antisepsis, the products will not rot if buried underground. if they are used on high altitude, they won't rot either, they can resist water, wind and sunshine. According to the different demand of construction unit, we have developed jointing fiber cloth in the outer preservation material.

We can supply any width and density products according to the demand of construction unit. The pipeline, which is made by our products, is good-looking and smooth. It is the best outer layer product in modern market. If you need other specification, please order them.

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