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We can produce insect screen(window screening) and fiberglass mesh.

Fiberglass Waterproof Fabric

Feature: excellent infiltration, strong tension, antiweathering , conglutination with resin easily ,no leakage or no extension or no drippings .It is the leading material for waterproof, in particular, in the building .SBS is the newest waterproof material, which is made from fiber recombination non woven.

Application: It is used on building , washroom, basement, warehouse, swimming pool for waterproof.

Specification: 6x6 waterproof fabric, 120g recombination waterproof, 120g glass fiber resalesrced plastic color waterproof fabric.

Supplied series : 4x4 5x5 6x6 8x8 glass fiber waterproof, 6x6 combination glass fiber waterproof and SBS.

Woven Roving

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